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I count my blessings in your provision
and I praise your holy name.
I’m blessed by sun and moon,
friends, and family and a husband who cares
to share his life with me.

I love my books and pens and your indulgence
while I create my stories.
I hear your laughter when I write my comedy,
and your pleasure when I read my words to you.
I feel your encouragement and your praise for a job well done.

I see the changes over the years in a daughter I thought lost,
yet you’ve made her strong enough to withstand the wind.
You’ve rescued her and set her on her feet,
a second chance to play the game of life.

You’ve made my other daughter joyful
with a passion to seek your face.
She strives every day to please you and
shares her heart with those in need.

O God you are my soul keeper, my protector
in the storm.
You forgive and forget and lead me by the hand,
to talk quietly of dreams to come.

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