Make Yourself Come True

Steve Chandler wrote a little book with a lot of great ideas. Actually, there are 100 great ideas in his book titled, 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. Change Your Life Forever.Photobucket

If you've ever had difficulty getting motivated to do anything I suggest you go out to your local library or favorite bookstore and pick up a copy of this little gem that packs big ideas.

For instance, from pages 60-61 Steve recommends you Find Your Inner Einstein. I've never even imagined that I could have an inner Einstein. E=MC2. Do I have an inner Einstein? I don't think so.


But then I read Steve's pages. He says that Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Wait a minute! Wait just a minute. Maybe I do have an inner Einstien. I have imagination!

Steve goes on to tell us about a song for teenagers that Fred Knipe wrote so that teens could visualize themselves succeeding at what they wanted to do:
"That's you/in your wildest dreams/doing the wildest things/no one else can do. If you/just love and keep those dreams/the wildest dreams/you'll make yourself come true."

I LOVE THIS! It's motivating to me. Steve goes on to say,"But the greatest thing about active dreaming is not in the eventual reaching of the goal-- the greatest thing is what it does to the dreamer."

Are you making yourself come true? How? What are you doing? How do you stay motivated?



The Organized Writer


I found an interesting site that has given me some visual ideas of how to organize the spaces I work in at home and in the office.
Don't you love those before and after photos? I sure do.

Since I'm embarking on my new journey of a three book deal with Strang/Realms, I'm taking my need for organization very seriously. If you've had success in the arena of organization please share your thoughts and ideas.

I'll be checking in now and again for what I'll call "mini-blogging" as I get my writing done. Please stop by at least once a week, if time allows, and I'll keep you posted on my progress related to organization and the happenings in my writing life. Have a great week.

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