Think, Pray, Hope

Well I've been neglecting my blog but taking care of family matters. My 84 year-old mother was just getting too lonely out in Pennsylvania and has come to visit for awhile. My mom's a retired nurse and she was working in ICU/CCU when I was in first grade. When I was in junior high and high school I remember evenings when she'd come home from work and put my brother Danny and I through the drills of the different parts of the body: ulna, radius, femur, etc. :) Maybe that's why I'm a counselor for nursing students now, but no way did I ever want to be a nurse. Just not me.

I'm happy with decisions that I've made in my life to become a social worker, a writer, and a Christian. Have you ever noticed that the older you get the stranger life gets? Or is it just that the longer we live the more we experience and examine? Or am I the only one that feels like that? Life has been more challenging than I ever imagined. If my life was a movie I'd call it,"Hope Floats Over The Cuckoo's Nest." :) Go figure. How about you?

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