Okay, I admit it. Hugh Laurie eventually won me over. I can't say that I liked him in House until I saw the episode about what happened to him. Ahh, that made all the difference. Now I can empathize with his outrageous behavior. I appreciate what he's doing to increase awareness about mental illness. After all, what's the fun in being normal? Whatever that is. :)

Share your thoughts. I can just imagine what House might say. :) Scroll down my sidebar to click on the picture of House if you want to support NAMI and buy a cool T-shirt or you can go to for more information on this very worthy cause. I wonder how many of our lives have been effected by mental illness in one way or another. Help stomp out the stigma and the labels. Make a difference.


  1. I tried to post once, but here goes again :-) Yay, I'm here. Okay, switch the red print asap. Too many people cannot read red and many more cannot read red on green. So go with a dark blue, black, green on a light color background. Email me if you need a little help figuring it out because I really want you to succeed.

  2. Ya gotta have friends. Thanks for dropping by, Angie. You're a doll.

  3. Jill, I LOVE House!! I've actually liked him since the beginning. I think maybe I wish that I could speak my mind, just like he does. LOL Of couse, I think I might have a little more tact. :)

    And actually, I love the medical mysteries on the show as much as I enjoy the interpersonal stuff.

    I'll check out the shirts! I may get one for my son. He and I watch every episode together, although I've had to start recording it while he's at college. We had a marathon over Christmas. :)